Services & Equipment Rental Fees

Programming, Service, and Equipment Student Organization University Department Non-University Affiliated
Non-Operational Hours Reservation Fee $300/hour $325/hour $375/hour
Additional Staffing During Non-Operational Hours $16/hour/employee $18/hour/employee $20/hour/employee
Audio/Video Set Up $30 $40 $50
Indoor Tables $5/table
Indoor Chairs $0.50/chair
Gymnasium Floor Tarping* Contact Event Services at (662) 325-3228
Custodial Services Dependent on Event Dependent on Event Dependent on Event
Dodgeballs $25/set/hour
Repair or Replacement Organizations and groups are responsible for all costs associated with the repair or replacement of equipment or property that may be damaged as a result of their use of University Recreation facilities and fields.
Scoreboard & Scorekeeper $20/hr (scoreboard only)    $25/hr (with scorekeeper)

*Any event serving food or drinks or any event at which the participants will not have on proper footwear will need to tarp the floors in the Main Gym, Auxiliary Gym, and Studios