Sanderson Center Reservation Fees

Activity areas of the Sanderson Center may be reserved by contacting the Sanderson Center Facilities Coordinator Reservation requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are subject to availability of the space. 

*A group is 5 or more people. Groups require a reservation prior to coming to the Sanderson Center.

Facilities & Fees

Facility Reservations University Department Non-University Affiliated
Main Gym Court 1* $40/hour $50/hour
Main Gym Court 2* $40/hour $50/hour
Main Gym Court 3* $40/hour $50/hour
Main Gym Court 4* $40/hour $50/hour
Half of Main Gym* $80/hour $100/hour
Entire Main Gym* The Entire Main Gym may be reserved under special circumstances and only as approved by the Director of University.
Badminton Court** $15/court/hour $20/court/hour
Entire Auxiliary Gym* $60/hour $70/hour
Studio A $30/hour $40/hour
Studio B $30/hour $40/hour
Studio C $30/hour $40/hour
Conference Room $15/hour $25/hour
Officials Training Center $15/hour $25/hour
Racquetball Court (4 available) $10/court/hour $15/court/hour
Wallyball Court (1 available) $15/court/hour $25/court/hour

*Main Gym, Auxiliary Gym and Racquetball Courts are only available for reservation upon approval by University Recreation Facilities Coordinator or Director of University Recreation. Charges will be incurred for Student Organizations in this instance.

**Badminton Courts are only available in the Main Gym.

***University Recreation will procure 10% of any proceeds from a revenue generating event.


Landon Brady
Facilities Coordinator
Phone: 662-325-8964