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Bulldog X

Summer 2024 Class Schedule

Classes begin on May27th- July 26th.

Renovations and Holiday hours may affect summer classes.

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No classes on National Holidays or Spring Break 

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Classes are FREE for all Students!

Bulldog X classes provide a positive group training workout experience perfect for all skill and fitness levels.  Our Bulldog X schedule consists of various class styles to aid patrons in meeting their weekly fitness goals.

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Water Aerobics




Water Aerobics




Water Aerobics



Class Descriptions

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Full Body

Cardio Strength - Power and aerobics-based class filled with cardio intervals to focus on strength, power, and endurance mixed with full body strengthening exercises.

Dawg Pump - A combination of HIIT, cardio, and resistance training. 

Pilates for All Bodies- With an energetic instructor and a great atmosphere, your time in this class will fly by while you are getting a great full-body workout.

Pilates- A type of exercise that focuses on building body strength, particularly in the core.

Stretch-  All about scheduling a specific time to loosen up your muscles, extend your range of motion, and become more flexible.


Guts & Glutes - This 30-minute express strength class will focus on the lower body and abdominal muscles.

Dawg Pump - Using various equipment and exercises, Dawg Pump targets all major muscle groups to help strengthen and train the muscles in the body.

Arms- A strength class that is based mainly around the growth of strength and muscle mass of the upper body.

Strength Circuit Training- Strength-based workout for beginners as well as anybody looking to increase their overall physicality. 


AMPED - High intensity training class that incorporates functional training style movements and more traditional weight lifting techniques such as squats, cleans, bench press, pull ups, etc. No previous lifting experience necessary.

Feeling Lifted - This class is great for anyone interested in strength training where we will go over basic weightlifting movements and mix in fun moves for power, speed, and agility. No experience needed, just a great attitude and good effort!


Cycle/Spin - Cardio-based workout designed for all levels. Utilizing a stationary bike, we’ll take you through jumps, sprints, climbs, and more. Various intensity levels will be used in the class to challenge yourself and bring your workout to new heights.

Bootcamp- Cardio and strength-based workout for the advanced spinner. This class utilizes 

Liv for Spin- Fun cycle class with varying degrees of resistance and speed. 

Club Spin- A fun and energetic cycling class with a party vibe, and great upbeat music with fun movements.

Joyride- Great for everyone from beginner to advanced cyclers that are looking for a good workout with fun movements and music.

Sunrise Spin - Early morning spin with an upbeat vibe. Focusing on endurance, strength, and overall betterment! For everyone from beginner to advanced cyclers that are looking for a good workout to set the day off right.


Hip Hop Intensive with Nyah - Whether you’re an experienced dancer or a beginner, this master class will give you the chance to improve on your hip hop technique and performance. Join us each week and learn a new upbeat combo! 

Hot and Sweaty Hip Hop with Macy - This class is like dancing in your kitchen when nobody is watching. Join us to unwind while getting your workout in. 

Fit & Flirty - Frame Up Dance is a unique style of dance that blends elements of strip plastic, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary dance with acrobatics. This style of dance is all about expressing your emotions through movements that can be playful, sensual, frigid or extravagant. The Frame Up choreos are performed on the floor, with minimal standing or walking. Thick knee pads are mandatory to prevent injuries. Although shoes on the platform (commonly known as "strips") are usually used to dance this style, it's not a requirement for beginners.
Come discover this new dance style & express yourself in ways you never thought possible!


Yoga - Connect your mind, body, and spirit through this Yoga practice. Focus will come from breathing, flexibility, balance and relaxation. We highly suggest bringing your own mat and blocks.

Flex - This body weight class focuses on power and flexibility through strength, cardio, pilates, and yoga based movements. Power Flex incorporates light dumbbells into the practice.

Power Yoga - Using yoga-inspired moves, this class adds the challenge of strength and flexibility to take your practice to the next level. Find your mind body connection in this power house class.

Mindfulness/Meditation - Using various techniques to bring awareness to the body and mind to create clarity, reduce anxiety and stress. 

Breathwork Meditation - A guided meditation that utilizes various breathing techniques to improve overall health, well-being, emotional state, and immune system as well as decreasing stress and anxiety.  


Cardio Step - This cardio-based step class will get your body moving no matter your level of fitness. Bring a friend, a great attitude, and plenty of water. You don’t want to miss out on this energetic and fun class.

Kickboxing - Integrating punches, kicks, plyometrics, body weight, and cardio intervals to spice up your workout and relieve some stress. Our Kickboxing class is sure to challenge the inner fighter in you. No boxing experience is required.

Cardio Kickbox- Kickboxing on a new level. This class introduces you to the world of kickboxing in the best ways with good music and quick movements. 

Bethany in the Box- Made for people of all different experience levels, this class incorporates the technique of kickboxing with added cardio benefits. 

Kickboxing Power Circuit - This high-intensity kickboxing workout combines cardio and skill-based strength conditioning to help you boost your fitness level while honing your kickboxing skills. 

Kicking it With Charles - This is a cardio kickboxing class that focuses on getting a rewarding workout while also learning skills to become a better athlete and kickboxer!