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Bulldog X

Maymester 2022 Schedule

May 15th –  June 3rd

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Bulldog X classes provide a positive group training work out experience that is perfect for all skill and fitness levels.  Our Bulldog X schedule consist of various class styles to aid patrons in meeting their weekly fitness goals.

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Cardio Strength

12:00-1:00 pm
Studio A


Power Yoga

12:00-12:45 pm
Studio A


Cardio Step

12:00-1:00 pm
Studio A


Power Yoga

Studio A



4:00-5:00 PM
Studio A

Class Descriptions

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Full Body

Cardio Strength - Power and aerobics based class filled with cardio intervals to focus on strength, power, and endurance mixed with full body strengthening exercises.


Guts & Glutes - This 30 minute express strength class will focus on the lower body and abdominal muscles.

Dawg Pump - Using various equipment and exercises, Dawg Pump targets all major muscle groups to help strengthen and train the muscles in the body.


AMPED - High intensity training class that incorporates functional training style movements and more traditional weight lifting techniques such as squats, cleans, bench press, pull ups, etc. No previous lifting experience necessary.


Cycle - Cardio based workout designed for all levels. Utilizing a stationary bike, we’ll take you through jumps, sprints, climbs, and more. Various intensity levels will be used in the class to challenge yourself and bring your workout to new heights.

Cycle Xpress - Need a cardio workout but not a lot of time? With only 30 minutes, this cycle class increases the intensity through speed and power to bring you a quick, yet effective workout with upbeat music and motivating i


Hip Hop - This class takes hip hop to a whole new level–a fun, upbeat workout that is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and sculpt your body. With energizing music and motivating instructors, you won’t want to stop dancing. Rhythm not required.

Hip Hop Intensive - Whether you’re an experienced dancer or a beginner, this master class will give you the chance to improve on your hip hop technique and performance. Join us each week and learn a new upbeat combo!


Yoga - Connect your mind, body and spirit through this Yoga practice. Focus will come from breathing, flexibility, balance and relaxation. We highly suggest bringing your own mat and blocks.

Flex - This body weight class focuses on power and flexibility through strength, cardio, pilates, and yoga based movements. Power Flex incorporates light dumbbells into the practice.

Barre - Define and challenge your body with this class incorporating pilates, ballet, and yoga. No dance experience required.

Power Yoga - Using yoga inspired moves, this class adds the challenge of strength and flexibility to take your practice to the next level. Find your mind body connection in this power house class.

Vinyasa Yoga - This Yoga class flows from one pose to the next seamlessly using the breath to obtain balance within the mind and body. Gentle Yoga - Nurture the body and release tension to find relaxation in the body. Connect with the breath and gain strength & flexibility in this gentle yoga class.

Mindfulness/Meditation - Using various techniques to bring awareness to the body and mind to create clarity, reduce anxiety and stress. 


HIIT - Intervals of cardio and strength training that will keep your heart rate pumping high the entire time.

Cardio Step - This cardio based step class will get your body moving no matter your level of fitness. Bring a friend, great attitude and plenty of water. You don’t want to miss out on this energetic and fun class.

Kickboxing - Integrating punches, kicks, plyometrics, body weight, and cardio intervals to spice up your workout and relieve some stress. Our Kickboxing class is sure to challenge the inner fighter in you. No boxing experience required.

Cardio Fusion - This fusion class mixes various forms of cardio based exercises to bring a new level of fitness to your workout. This class provides different levels of intensity and options for all fitness levels.