Sawyer Tennis Courts

University Recreation manages the Sawyer Tennis Courts, which are located on the south side of campus on the way to South Farm. To reach Sawyer Tennis Courts from campus cross over Blackjack via Stone Blvd. Automatic lighting is provided and the courts are well kept. The Sawyer Tennis Courts are for use by university faculty, staff, and students only.


  • Courts 1-6 are available for reservation, except during intramural play.
  • Court reservations should be made 2 weeks prior to the rental. For all student organizations, an OrgSync Event Form must be completed and approved before your event is schedule.
  • Fee: $15 per court per hour

Court Priority

  1. Physical Education department
  2. University Recreation Intramurals
  3. Reservation play (courts 1-3)
  4. Open play by university faculty, staff and students

Court Rules

  • No pets, food or glass containers.
  • No skateboards, No bicycle riding, No rollerblading
  • Please help keep our courts clean
  • Alcohol and Tobacoo products are not allowed


Steven Knecht
Phone: (662) 325-0021