Intramurals Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up for Intramural Sports?

You need two things: a Play Pass and a Team. You can purchase your play pass at, and you can create or join a team on

What if I do not have a team to play?

You can sign up as a Free Agent via IMLeagues by following the steps below.

    • Go to IMLeagues and log in with your username and password. (Please Note: If you do not already have a username/password for IMLeagues, please purchase a IM Play Pass prior to registering).
    • At the top of the screen towards the right of the page will be a button for the Mississippi State University IMLeagues home page (please click on it).
    • From that page, select the Sport and League that you are interested in joining as a Free Agent (i.e. Flag Football (F) – Men’s). A list with all of the currently registered teams will appear, along with buttons labeled “Create Team” and “Free Agent” (please click the “Free Agent” button). You will be asked to fill out the Participant as well as provide some information about you so prospective Team Captains will be able to contact you to play.
    • To complete this task for multiple Leagues (i.e. Women’s and Open) you will need to repeat this process for each League.