Marketing and Social Media Team


Job Description

Provide a safe, clean, and enjoyable facility for the patrons of the Joe Frank Sanderson Center.

Responsibilities & Duties

  1. Design promotional material & create different forms of content for all areas of University Recreation. 
  2. Manage the brand (MSU) you represent through social media profiles of the areas in University Recreation.
  3. Photograph University Recreation activities and events; digitally edit photos and videos.
  4. Produce eye-catching graphics for the social media pages.
  5. Create video content for the YouTube page.
  6. Communicate with student workers for social media input.
  7. Update and maintain the Sanderson social media platforms. 
  8. Build a posting schedule for each department, compatible with each of the team members you work with.
  9. Communicate with department supervisors and your team leads about current and future projects. 
  10. Track trends of effective marketing and promotional strategies used in related areas (other departments on campus).
  11. Brainstorm new ideas and methods of distributing material to your target audience (college students and affiliates).
  12. Attend weekly team meetings to track the progress of projects.


  1. Must be a quick learner, an excellent communicator, and team player.
  2. Experience using Photoshop and Lightroom.
  3. Must be willing to collaborate and accept constructive criticism.
  4. Effective time management skills

Contact Person

Jason Townsend
Associate Director
Phone: 662-325-7981