Intramural Sports Official​/Scorekeeper


Job Description

Intramural Sports Officials/Scorekeepers are students employed within the Mississippi State University Competitive Sports Program. They are trained to provide administration and judgment of all situations that occur during Intramural Sports activities. They are also trained to record accurate scores during Intramural Sports Activities. Intramural Sports Officials/Scorekeepers make decisions based on the rules of the game, safety & risk management, Mississippi State Intramural Sports Rules, and the mission and vision of the Department of University Recreation.

The rate of pay starts at $9.00/hour with the opportunity to work a variety of sports year-round.

This position offers flexible scheduling with most hours worked Sunday-Thursday evenings. Shifts are based out of the Joe Frank Sanderson Center, Rec Plex, and Fresh Fields.

Students who are degree-seeking and enrolled at MSU are eligible for this position.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Adjudicate contests and ensure the safety of each participant by applying the rules of the game
  2. Appraise teams of their sportsmanship during each contest
  3. Interpret the principles of advantage/disadvantage during game situations
  4. Keep accurate record of scores during Intramural Sports contests
  5. Prepare the facilities for each contest, including set-up & break-down, equipment & risk management evaluation
  6. Assist Program Assistants, Supervisors, and Officials with game and policy administration
  7. Attendance and active involvement at New Hire and Sport-Specific Trainings (required field)
  8. Attendance and active involvement at Staff Meetings as scheduled

Starting Pay Rate

$9.00 / hour*

*Leadership and advancement opportunities are available.


4-20 hours per week

Required Qualifications

  1. Degree-seeking and enrolled at Mississippi State University
  2. Maintain good academic standing (Minimum GPA: 2.5)
  3. Ability to work Sunday-Thursday nights
  4. Capability to meet the physical requirements of the jobs

Preferred Qualifications

  1. First-Aid/CPRO certified
  2. Knowledge of officiated sport offerings and rules of play

Reports To

Competitive Sports Coordinator

Contact Person