Fitness Assistant


Responsibilities & Duties:

  1. Provide assistance to participants in the Strength and Aerobic Conditioning and Second Level Fitness areas.
  2. Perform duties for the day-to-day activity supervision and equipment upkeep.
  3. Enforce University Recreation policies and procedures in a fair, prudent and professional manner.
  4. Provide proper spotting for weight room participants.
  5. Assist participant in operating fitness equipment.
  6. Clean and maintain fitness facilities and equipment.
  7. Provide customer service and communicate with participants and staff.
  8. Assist participants with minor disputes and problems.
  9. Complete required forms completely and legibly.
  10. Assist with emergency situations and evacuations.
  11. Perform other duties as assigned.


  1. Presents a professional appearance and attitude.
  2. Maintains a high standard of customer service.
  3. Demonstrate strong initiative. 
  4. Demonstrates an understanding of diversity.
  5. Acts as an ambassador for University Recreation both at work and away.
  6. Be open and approachable.
  7. Interact with patrons. 
  8. Add value (pursuing knowledge within fitness, personal experiences, being proactive) 
  9. Find the details.
  10. Be an effective communicator.
  11. We want people who have a passion for fitness and who want to bring new and exciting ideas to improve university recreation.


  1. Must be currently enrolled at MSU, with a minimum GPA of 2.00.
  2. Attend and pass required University Recreation Fitness training.
  3. Working knowledge of the free weight, selectorized and plate-loaded machines.
  4. Working knowledge of cardiovascular equipment and a variety of exercise accessories (steps, exercise bands, body bars, etc.)
  5. Working Knowledge of personal computer programs and audio equipment.
  6. First Aid, CPR and AED certified.

Working Conditions

  1. Maximum hours allowed per week are 19 (average 15)
  2. Work shifts include morning, afternoon, evening and weekend hours.
  3. Some required holiday hours.

Pay Rate

$7.25 / hour

Contact Person

Meridith Nuckolls
Fitness Coordinator
Phone: 662-325-0022